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Boost Your Profits With Case Presentation

Today's dentist has many more tools and diagnostic equipment readily available helping them diagnose and treat patients better than ever before. Technology is actually changing the way that Dentists interact with their patients in a positive way and the financial benefits of owning a quality intraoral camera far outweigh the investment in the camera itself. The intraoral camera is a powerful tool that enables the Dentist to get their patients engaged in the treatment process while educating them at the same time. The old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" is appropriate because there is no substitute for a clear, color image when presenting a case and trying to educate a patient.


Gone are the days of presenting Facsimile copies of tooth fractures to patients in order to encourage them to accept the treatment. Now with our technology and "Know-How" the Dentist is able to provide live HD quality images in living color which now become very powerful when attempting to convince a patient that the treatment is necessary. Live, color images of misshapen teeth, cracks and decay do much more to create that sense of urgency within the patient than any other technology in the industry.


Our motto at RF America IDS is pretty straight forward, Case Presentation, Simplified. Our focus is on educating and training Dentists and Hygienists to quickly and efficiently capture proper images and present their case to the patient for recommended treatment. Speed and efficiency are both key because a weary patient is more likely to refuse treatment than a patient that feels their time is viewed as valuable. Often times patients are kept waiting longer than necessary which can prevent them from accepting treatment if they get frustrated so it is very important to be fast and efficient.


Our DiscoveryCenter System is a very powerful tool for case presentation. Our touch screen "all-in-one" computers can be easily wall mounted, ceiling mounted or pole mounted depending on the set-up inside your operatory and they do not require a tower. That means less wasted space inside your operatory which is very important given all of the available technology in operatories today.


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